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By getting interviewed on podcasts each week you won't just generate leads, you'll become a thought leader in your industry.
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What is not having a podcast
funnel costing me?

Money and influence. It’s that simple. Just one well built podcast sales funnel can:

  • Generate evergreen leads & sales
  • Help you reach your audience
  • Be material for all your social media
  • Make you an industry thought leader
  • Build backlinks for SEO
  • Grow your professional network

And we don’t just build you 1 podcast sales funnel each month.  We build you 4!

“The Brooklyn engineers are excellent and had tons of experience building stores. We felt like a real team from day one.”
Tara Pink / Popstar
Just share your story, then sit back and enjoy.

Get your entire Podcast Sales Funnel built for you.

We make it easy.

First, our team will onboard you and build your personal media kit to share with podcasts. We’ll then coach you, 1-on-1, on how to share your story and connect with your target audience. Then we’ll book you on at least 4 relevant and targeted podcast appearances a month. For each appearance, we’ll make a custom landing page so you can collect their email address and we can track which shows resonate with your message and generate leads and sales.

All you have to do is show up for your podcast interview and share your story.

What does a Podcast Sale Funnel include?

PodKit Pro

Everything you need to get booked & prepped for each podcast.

We’ve revolutionized the way you present yourself to podcast hosts and maximize your exposure.  With PodKit Pro you’ll get the ultimate media kit solution designed to elevate your podcast guest game.

Our comprehensive multipage PDF showcases your expertise, experience, and topics of interest, empowering hosts to grasp your unique value. Crafted by our expert team, your media kit includes captivating photos, compelling descriptions, and links to previous interviews and media coverage, giving hosts a glimpse into your thought leadership.

But it doesn’t stop there. PodKit Pro also offers high-quality images for podcast show media, ensuring a visually engaging representation of your presence on their platform. With strategically placed links to your website and social media accounts, you’ll effortlessly drive traffic and expand your online presence.

Stay ahead of the curve with PodKit Pro, your essential tool for impressing hosts, captivating audiences, and unlocking unparalleled podcasting opportunities.

PodPrep Checklist

Make sure you are to deliver on every single show.

Introducing the PodPrep Checklist, your ultimate companion for flawlessly preparing for podcast interviews.

With our comprehensive checklist in hand, you’ll never miss a beat or let any detail slip through the cracks. From technical essentials like testing your microphone and ensuring optimal audio quality to practical reminders such as notifying colleagues or family members about your interview, the PodPrep Checklist covers it all.

We leave no stone unturned, providing guidance on podcast etiquette, suggesting a quick self-check in the camera or mirror for potential video interviews, and offering tips for creating a distraction-free environment. This indispensable tool ensures you enter your podcast interview fully prepared, confident, and ready to deliver your best performance.

Don’t leave your podcast success to chance—embrace the PodPrep Checklist and embark on a seamless podcasting journey like never before.

PodProfile Insights

A breakdown of the podcast so you know what to expect.

PodProfile Insights is an invaluable window into the podcast they are about to be interviewed on. This includes things like information on the host or hosts, the general themes of the podcast, lists of commonly asked questions, and everything else they need to be prepared for the interview.

With the information provided in the PodProfile Insights that will be sent to you to accompany each interview, you will resonate not only with the host but also the audience and your potential clients.

PodBooking Elite Program

We get you on podcasts that your target audience listen to.

The PodBooking Elite Program is your gateway to podcasting success on a global scale. Imagine having a dedicated team diligently scouring every corner of the podcasting world, handpicking the perfect shows to amplify your story and connect with your ideal audience. With our cutting-edge program, we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of your podcasting dreams.

Our expert podcast hunters embark on a meticulous journey, meticulously curating a personalized selection of podcasts that align with your unique narrative, expertise, and target audience. We delve deep into the vast podcasting landscape, identifying hidden gems, rising stars, and established shows that will provide the ideal platform to showcase your story. Our extensive network and keen industry insights enable us to pinpoint the precise shows where your voice will resonate and your message will find its home.

With the PodBooking Elite Program, you gain exclusive access to a world of untapped opportunities. We handle the intricate dance of scheduling, negotiation, and logistics, ensuring a seamless booking process. Leave the complexities to us as we liaise with hosts, align schedules, and secure coveted spots for you on the most sought-after podcasts. Your only task? Show up, share your unique perspective, and captivate listeners with your captivating story.

PodLead Landing Pages

We build a custom landing page for every interview.

Our expert team understands the essence of captivating design and persuasive copy. With our PodLead Landing Pages, we seamlessly blend the show’s unique aesthetic with your brand identity, creating visually stunning landing pages that immediately grab attention. Each element is thoughtfully curated to reflect the podcast’s spirit and capture the essence of your message, ensuring a cohesive and compelling user experience.

But we don’t stop at aesthetics alone. Our landing pages are strategically engineered to maximize lead generation. We incorporate highly effective lead magnets that entice and engage listeners, motivating them to share their email addresses willingly. With irresistible incentives that align with the podcast’s theme and your expertise, we create a seamless connection between your message and their desire for valuable content.

With PodLead Landing Pages, every click becomes an opportunity to expand your reach and build a thriving community. As listeners flock to your personalized landing pages, we empower you with robust tracking and analytics tools. Gain deep insights into user behavior, conversion rates, and engagement metrics, enabling you to fine-tune your strategies and amplify your results.

Profit Accelerator

$1997 /month

  • PodKit Pro
  • PodPrep Checklist
  • PodProfile Insights
  • PodBooking Elite Program
  • PodLead Landing Pages

VIP Profit Accelerator

$4997 /month

  • Everything in the Podcast Profit Accelerator
  • LeadCast Ebook Creation
  • Lead2Sale Accelerator
  • PodLead Landing Pages
  • PodCoaching Elite
“The Brooklyn engineers are excellent and had tons of experience building stores. We felt like a real team from day one.”
Tara Pink / Popstar

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